We are now booking venues for our target of 100 VENUES.  The concept is to take hi-resolution shadow-framed canvases of the original artworks by 100 Australian based artists to various locations around Australia.  Venues not usually associated with displaying artworks. Our intention: to educate as many people as possible about the real threat of extinction in the wild of the koala. In ten years the koala has gone from a species of ‘Least Concern’ to ‘Vulnerable’ – and now listed as  ‘Endangered’ in ACT, QLD & NSW. The gallery below shows some of the framed artworks.  We have three standard sizes – so it is easy to organise a show. We supply as many canvas artworks as wall space allows. The sizes are:  horizontal artwork W 620mm x H 450mm | vertical format  artwork W 450mm x H 620mm | and a square format W 450mm x H 450mm. The canvases are framed with Tasmanian Oak sourced  from a FSC supplier (Forest Stewardship Council). At each venue visitors can buy a raffle ticket and the winner can take home the canvas on their choice. At some venues we will also auction an original.  More details to follow as we book our venues. Basically we are looking for busy venues with vacant wall space. On a  3 metre wall can display up to 10 artworks.