Concept: source a mature Eucalypt (Tallowwood – a koala food & shelter tree) from a sustainably managed forest on the mid-north coast of NSW and invite artisans to make timber produKts for sale in Australia and overseas.

Every part of the tree will be used – from the leaves (mulch), twigs and small branches (‘Lyptus Trees – our version of sustainable Christmas Trees) and the larger branches and tree trunk to be turned into hand-Krafted gift items for sale. We have produced an ideas gallery below to give a general idea of the sorts of beautiful and practical things that can be made from timber. Australia has many gifted designers and craftspeople who can transform timber into something unique and long lasting. So the tree has given much in its life – oxygen, stored carbon, shelter, food, shade and enriched soil and continues to give at the end of it’s life. This is an example of a sustainable way of generating awareness of the plight of koalas (facing the real threat of extinction within 50 years and much sooner in local areas); it generates income for the artisans; it creates profits from the sales on which we pays taxes and gst.

We are predicting we will be producing over 40,000 items for sale from one mature Eucalypt and profits generated will fund the planting of at least 1000 new koala Eucalypt food trees. Please contact LIVING with KOALAS if you would like to get involved.

Ideas gallery