Have you seen a Koala in the wild or in your neighbourhood? Please fill out the form and tell us where. Your ‘eyes’ are vital in the identification of existing koala habitats. From the records of ‘citizen science’ we become aware of koalas in the wild which we compare with other organisation’s databases.

The principal aim of the LIVING with KOALAS programme is to plant food trees along the edges of known koala habitats in a food tree corridor to connect with other wild koala populations.

If you are a member of a club or organisation which meets on a regular basis we would really appreciate if you could ask your members at your meeting if they have seen a koala. Please contact us for details and we will send you a pdf of our LOOK OUT for a KOALA form.  We are happy to provide a speaker to let your members know of the LIVING with KOALAS programme.

Look Out for a Koala

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