What do we do? In short: we are and awareness and action group. Professionals with skills in communication, lobbying and fund raising. We will come up with concepts and ideas and, rather than simply talk about them, devise and test fundraising initiatives. The money raised we will distribute to organisations that demonstrate evidence-based action that makes a difference to the plight of the wild koala population on the mid-north coast of NSW. And beyond. These are some of the ideas in action at the launch of this programme.

Fund raising book – The Good Thing About..Koalas. | This website and associated websites and social media | 101 KAN Do fund raising ideas to start the programme | a musical – Koala ResKue (aka The Chainsaw Massacre Port Macquarie) – now in early stages of production | Australia’s biggest trivia event (and Guinness World record attempt for the most participants of a quiz – to be held on 7th September 2021 in venues across the mid-north coast (7th September is National Threatened Species Day | enlisting photographers for content, graphic artists, journalists, writers, researchers, lobbyists and other effective professionals.

We are a FOR PROFIT organisation contracting professionals to deliver rapid measurable results which we will report on a regular basis. It is our mission to keep the costs of consultant fees, expenses and salaries way below the ratio of most charity and not-for-profit organisation. Our programme to save the koala from extinction has to be sustainable as a business model and not subject to the whim of a government minister in charge of grants and allocating funds to an environmental / conservation cause which may or may not be a vote catcher. We will soon know if it is working. The difference between human action and inaction is extinction for the wild koala population of NSW and Australia.