The LIVING with KOALAS programme will be publishing on this site articles and initiatives by experts and groups who are concerned about the willd population of koalas, particularly on the mid-north coast of NSW. As a start of this process here are a few extracts from  a current publication published and © of the Office of Environment and Heritage [NSW GOV] December 2016.

The publication front cover title:

Saving our species. Securing the koala in the wild in NSW for 100 years. Saving our Species Iconic koala Project.

“The Saving our Species Iconic Project aims to secure the koala in the wild in NSW for 100 years by: reducing critical threats to the species | ensuring adequate protection, management and restoration of koala habitat | maintaining healthy breeding programmes throughout their current range…”

This 8 page brochure has a section called Action toolbox – addressing critical threats to the koala .. these are the summary headlines:

“Loss, modification and fragmentation of habitat | Vehicle strike | Predation by roaming or domestic dogs | Intense prescribed burns or wildfires that scorch or burn the tree canopy | Koala disease | Heat stress through drought and heatwaves | Human-induced climate change | Inadequate support for fauna rehabilitation | Lack of knowledge (poor understanding of trauma and mortality) | Lack of knowledge (poor understanding of population and trend) | Lack of knowledge (poor understanding of animal movements and use of habitat) | Getting the community engaged in koala conservation”

When a OEH spokesman at a recent koala conference (2,3,4th June 2017 –  organised by the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie)  was asked how much could be achieved with the funds allocated to the project the answer wasn’t that hopeful with the amount of dollars currently available.  However the SOS brochure does state (p7) that …”it will be a key initiative in support of a whole-of-government koala strategy, to be developed by June 2017.” We will report on this website as soon as it is made public. Find out more at

EXTINCT : interesting note that in the OEH publication the word Extinct or Extinction wasn’t mentioned once. Nor the fact that the koala is now on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species which is a very sad and significant listing. The overriding premise behind LIVING with KOALAS is we don’t have to wait for government to come to the rescue (or not). We know the problems. The solution is in our hands. Everyone can help and every helping hand is a positive step for the koala’s road to recovery.