From KAN DO to WILL DO – it’s the first step from Talk the Talk to Walk the Walk.  We will be reporting on the effectiveness of the actions in our DID DO section over the coming months and years. The businesses and individuals below have pledged to help a koala.

Remember, the difference between human action and inaction for a wild koala is extinction.

ThanKs from a Koala

Lake Cathie Bakery – Koala Brownie – July 2017

Lake Cathie Bakery – Koala brownie

This is the brownie Peter at Lake Cathie Bakery is selling the first weeks of July 2017 (note the koala poo in the shape of the Southern Star!). The Bakery is also displaying an information poster supplied by Living with Koalas which is proving a discussion point. part of the koala under threat awareness objective More bakeries in the area will also be participating as well as a number of home bakers. We will the baked shapes in a gallery later in the year.

cooKies for a Koala