50 states | 50 artists | 50 women | 50 artworks | 50 endangered / threatened/ species of concern   – 50 children’s rhyming books.

CONCEPT: A KIDULTS book to start a conversation about conservation.

Entertainment for the kids, education for children & adults alike.

Stunning photographs, artwork and illustrations take you into the life of this fascinating  species. Told in rhyme – which is sure to captivate and delight.

Supplemented with accurate ‘fact facts’ about the species – checked by a specie’s expert  (There is so much conflicting and misinformation posted on the internet we taught it would be respectful to the species to have accurate information.)

And of course, what children’s book would be complete without a page of jokes… and a quiz.

Each book will also contain: “Thank you for buying this book. You have made a contribution to the conservation work of…. (State Conservation  organisation) – we are hoping to work with organisations in each State to use this art-for-c0nservation project to help them with awareness and fund raising.

All 50 books have now been written as a first or second draft  and we have added the original artworks now received as concept front covers – see below. Next stage?  Partner with a state based conservation organisation and seek a publishing deal (we may self-publish).