Locally sourced seeds from koala food trees to healthy seedlings (tubestock). Schoolchildren and teachers nurture the seeds to life ready for collection to be planted as tubestock where wild koalas desperately need them. The aim of the programme is to create koala food tree corridors connecting known koala habitats in the Port Macquarie / Hastings area on the NSW mid-north coast of Australia.

From seed to a healthy seedling (tubestock)

LIVING with KOALAS will source seed from local koala food trees (provenance seeds). Then, in conjunction with local nurseries, delver the seeds to participating schools with all the necessary propagation material. Every student and teacher will receive a name label and full instructions of how to care and nurture the Eucalypt seeds into healthy seedlings (tube-stock). The schoolchildren and staff grow the seeds for approximately 2-3 months when the nursery or LwK return to collect so can be planted in the ground in, or close to, existing koala habitat. Alternatively the school can carry on nurturing the seedlings as part of the TUBESTOCK to TREE programme. The process is repeated in following years.

Student interactive presentations are also available as part of the LIVING with KOALAS programme: The Good Thing About…Koalas and The Good Thing About …Trees.

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