Koala Conservation – Port Macquarie

From Port Macquarie Hastings Council website 15.8.19 & 8.8.19

Koala Conservation

From Port Macquarie Hastings Council website 15.8.19 & 8.8.19

“Koalas have been roaming Australia for millions of years, becoming known as one of our most iconic marsupials, and arguably one of the biggest drawcards for local tourism.

At more than 2,000 our local koala population is one of the largest in NSW, however there are a number of threatening factors that require hard work and collaboration between all levels of government and passionate community groups to ensure these little guys continue to be a part of our identity for many years to come.More recently, koala crossing zones have been signposted on Ocean Drive, and a world-first ‘koalas living with dogs’ pilot training program has delivered great success, desensitising 19 dogs from attacking koalas…  read more

07 August 2019
New signage for Koala awareness
“Due to the increased road strike statistics for Koalas along sections of Ocean Drive, a new temporary digital signage board has been erected between Elkhorn Grove and Matthew Flinders Drive…
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