100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Mick Ashley.    Title: “Fire – Snowies“  .

Living with Koalas artist - Mick Ashley


Canberra artist (ACT, Australia) and creator of digital lino.

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: “Fire -Snowies‘ .

“I had created a series of images to help raise money for those affected by the 2019/20 bushfires affecting local areas around Canberra and the NSW south coast, which quickly evolved into a series to represent the entire country and to depict a tribute to those affected by it. This particular image includes those US airmen that paid the ultimate price trying to protect an area which included a sanctuary for injured and displaced animals. The koala was the unofficial animal that represented the carnage and it wears bandages and mittens which also depict those who generously wanted to help. Although the image looks bleak it symbolises hope and gratitude for people that gave everything they had.” Mick Ashley 

A self taught, born and bred Canberran artist, Mick Ashley’s work is described as quirky, vibrant and unique. Mick’s subject matter is broad, however he is particularly well known for his ability to showcase both the well known and everyday Canberra. Mick Ashley’s own unique style of art called ‘Digital Lino’ mixes old with new. Mick applies a lithographic approach using a hand held digital pen, producing art that resembles a lino cut print. This is the most unique medium among his other disciplines including watercolours, gouache, pen, pencil and acrylic paints.Most works are provided as limited reproduction prints. In addition, his artwork features on a number of products, including books, t-towels, calendars, tote bags, cards and fridge magnets. Commissions are also available. Mick continues to develop his style which is widely celebrated in the Canberra region, interstate and internationally.

instagram: @mick.ashley_lsdartwork


Living with Koalas 100 artworks