100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Cassandra Brooker .    Title: “Koala on Gum“  – Ampersand Scratchbord

Living with Koalas artist - Cassandra BROOKER

Cassandra BROOKER 

Visual artist based in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Cassie uses a variety of mediums in her art practice, but predominantly prefers oil painting, drawing in pen and ink, and creating detailed scratchboards.

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: “Koala on Gum” |  Size: W 18cm x H 13cm   | Medium: Ampersand Scratchbord (unframed); scratchboard drawing

“This piece, “Koala on Gum”, was the first scratchboard artwork I completed after learning the technique in 2018. The detailed texture of the Koala’s fur juxtaposed against the interesting tree bark creates a striking visual impact in the scratchboard medium, where every scratch is meticulously made with differing pressure to achieve an effective tonal contrast. I have a passion for Koala conservation, after studying Landscape Ecology at UQ in 2015, under Professor Clive McAlpine, whose research is dedicated to the preservation of Koala populations and habitat.” Cassandra Brooker

Before moving to Australia, Cassie grew up in rural New Zealand (where her formal art training was by correspondence) and travelled the world for a few years. Her Kiwi heritage and interconnectedness with the landscape influences her style of art. Cassie’s love of both New Zealand and Australia’s richly diverse landscapes, colour palettes, and unique native flora, fauna, and geology influence her more peaceful, reflective art works.

Cassie continues to experiment with various mediums and as a result, is always learning and adapting her art to incorporate new techniques and subjects from her global travels, time living in Europe and Vietnam, as well as her military experiences. Cassie has participated in a number of art exhibitions, societies, organisations and activities over the years, which reflect her diverse interests, and are listed on her website.

In recent years, Cassie’s increasing concern regarding environmental issues arising from her tertiary studies has led to her focussing on more organic, ecological subject matter in her artworks, with a view to capture nature’s beauty before it disappears.

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