Living with Koalas artist Deb Farrimond

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Deb Farrimond.    Title: ‘Endangered’  – soft pastels & pastel pencils

Living with Koalas artist - Deb Farrimond


South Australian artist with a huge passion & love for wildlife, travel, photography & conservation.

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘Koalas in Focus: ‘Endangered‘ ‘

Size: W 32cm H 38cm | Soft pastels & pastel pencils on art spectrum colourful pastel paper.

“I painted this piece for the Living with Koala’s exhibition to help bring awareness to this beautiful iconic Australian species and their habitat loss.  While feeling so totally devastated by the bushfires raging in Australia [2019 / 2020 ]and the affect it was having on our wildlife and the environment, it was just a small thing I felt I could do to help. Wildlife conservation is something that I am incredibly passionate about and I can help bring awareness and spread the message through my art.   I feel privileged to see koalas in my local area each day and could not imagine a future without them!” Deb Farrimond

I am an emerging South Australian based wildlife artist, working mainly in pastel, charcoal and scratchboard.  My true passion in life other than my family, is for wildlife and conservation.   It is not until recently that I have had the time to pursue a career in art and discover how special this is to my life. Mainly self taught, I have attended numerous workshops with various Australian and international artists to gain knowledge and inspire me in my journey as an artist.   I joined the Pastel Artists of South Australia in 2014 and have been the Treasurer for the past few years, its lovely to be around like minded people.

My art focuses mainly on the eyes of the animals, they help to show the soul of the creature, draw the viewer in and evoke emotions.   If the viewer feels the emotion it helps them to understand the animal and the struggles they are facing in this world. I am working hard to spread the word of conservation and the plight of vulnerable and endangered creatures through my paintings.   Part proceeds from every sale, original or prints, are donated to specific rescue or conservation groups of my choice, here in Australia and overseas.  During the recent bushfires in 2019/20 I raised a considerable amount via sales of an original koala painting and several prints, donating 100% in a time of need. I feel so proud knowing that my art helped to support the needs of our vulnerable wildlife.  

I love to travel and photograph the wildlife that I paint, it is a privilege to observe the animal in person, which I feel helps to bring them to life on paper.  Travelling to Africa in the last two years has been a dream come true but has opened my eyes to the huge problem of poaching and animal trafficking, something that needs to be changed before we lose these creatures forever.


2019 Sketch for Survival UK – Selected in the top 100 Introducing

2018 Ginny Grant Memorial Prize for Contemporary Figure Drawing – Kangaroo Island Easter Art Exhibition  


Solo and joint exhibitions since 2016

Commissioned pieces in the UK, USA and Australia

Living with Koalas 100 artworks