living with Koalas artist _ Elle Fikke

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Elle Fikke.    Title: ‘ Koalas in Springtime ‘   – acrylic on canvas

Living with Koalas artist Elle Fikke


Artist based on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘ Koalas in Springtime

Size: W  30cm x H 40cm | Medium: acrylic on canvas  

“We were fortunate that our area was largely spared during the bush fires (2019 .20). We still have many remnants of rainforest in which koalas can comfortably live, and many people up here have actively planted koala tree corridors, giving them the best hope for survival. I feel so very grateful to live here and try to convey that appreciation and gratitude in my paintings.”  Elle Fikke

Elle Fikke was born in Amsterdam. She is a herbalist, herb grower/gardener and graphic designer by trade(s). She travelled the world with her New York born husband and their children for about ten years, before they found their spot in Australia in 1987. Here, they started the Organic Herb Growers of Australia and the Koala Tea Company. As professional graphic designers proved to be quite expensive, Elle taught herself the art and became the creative director of the company, designing all the tea packs, many of which picture koalas. 

Upon semi-retirement, now only working from home, she took up painting. Most of her paintings are inspired by her garden – the plants and the native animals that have taken up residence in it: koalas, water dragons, brush turkeys, pythons… As a girl who grew up on the third floor of a house in Amsterdam, she is still filled with wonder and delights in all of them and depicts them in her paintings.

Elle Fikke does not usually take part in art exhibitions, but her Koala Tea designs have been exhibited all over the world.

Living with Koalas 100 artworks