100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Annakie Jordaan.    Title: “Engulfed“  – acrylic on un-stretched canvas

Living with Koalas artist Annakie Jordaan


An artist based in Queensland (Australia) who often wishes there were more hours in a day.

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: “Engulfed

Size: 40cm x 50cm | Medium: acrylic on un-stretched canvas

“The depiction of this piece suggests the dramatic impact devastating bushfires have on both animals and the land. Although nature tends to rejuvenate itself in time, the loss of animals is annihilating. Those animals who escape death are deprived of their habitat and food and have to rely purely on mankind for survival,” Annakie Jordaan.

My art reflects my personal journey. An association with my past evidently manifests itself in my paintings as it will always remain in my heart. The colourful yet naive landscapes, flower markets and fishermen scenes are the memoirs of my life as a displaced South African. The depiction of musical elements in my art display the romantic part of me. A wide range of subject matter appeals to me as I believe we each have layers of personality and interests where sophistication and simple elements of life can harmonise in perfect balance. As Australia is now where I permanently reside, the diversity from the shades of the ocean to the reds and oranges of the country inspires me to use those colours boldly in all its vibrancy. My cat, Heidi, is my painting companion and often ends up with bits of those vivacious colours on her white coat. I use both acrylic and oil paints. An angled brush is my favourite tool of choice while I also like to experiment with palette knives. I enjoy creating texture in my paintings to establish a sense of a simplistic yet rustic, lived-in feeling. To finish off my work, I often use charcoal sticks to create the impact of freedom to paint outside the line. While I attended a few art courses and workshops over the years, I found myself to always return to my authentic self, my own style, my own colour palette, my own rule of “there’s no right or wrong in art.”  Art is my freedom, the connectivity with myself.  My art is me. 


instagram: @annakies_art_

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