Living with Koalas artist Jaimee PAUL ' Countless'

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Jaimee PAUL.    Title: ‘ Countless ‘  – watercolour & charcoal 

Living with Koala artist - Jaimee PAUL

Jaimee PAUL 

Artist based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

  “The possibility of change rests on our own ability to believe we can do it.”

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘ Countless

Size : W 54cm x H 64cm |  Medium: watercolour & charcoal on canvas, framed in raw dark timber

‘ ‘Countless’ features the unmistakable effect the recent bush fires has had on Australia’s iconic Koala. Holes burnt through the canvas itself, represent the holes left behind from the damage done. The tree that houses this precious cargo, illustrated by burn marks, is a stark reminder of what koalas faced and will again for years to come, if we don’t act now. We must protect those Beings we have left and the land that they depend on. ’  Jaimee Paul

New Zealand born, Sydney based, Jaimee Paul paints Art For Purpose, portraying the beauty of nature’s Beings and celebrate what’s worth protecting through her realistic black and white watercolour portraits. 

Jaimee Paul’s life has always revolved around two things, art and animals. She creates work from her Brookvale studio ‘Our Place’ where her Art For Purpose takes on a life of its own, from Lion’s to larger than life Rhino’s, koalas, kangaroos, right down to even the tiniest honeybee. As a passionate activist for animals, the ocean and the natural environment, she uses her work to raise funds and aims to foster a conversation of custodianship from her viewers. 

Jaimee Paul is Founder of NinetyFive Percent an Art for Oceans charity exhibition, as well as a co founder of Sydney Road Gallery and La Crème Creative Inc. a Not For Profit creative co working space on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Outside of painting endangered species she also create pet portraits and tutors art classes. 


Instagram @jaimeepaul

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