Livingwith Koalas artist Sarah Rowan

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Sarah ROWAN.    Title: ‘ Speedy ‘ –  acrylic on repurposed curtain

Living with Koalas artist Sarah Rowan


Australia’s top female speed painter based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

100 Artworks for a Koala entry:  Title: ‘ Speedy ‘ 

Size: W 122 cm x H 122 cm   (48×48 inches) | Medium: Acrylic on repurposed curtain

“ I created this vibrant happy koala in 30 min in order to fit my description as a speed painter and the title [ ‘Speedy’ ].  When I moved to Australia 15 years ago from the US, the only thing I knew about Australia was that it had koalas, kangaroos, and vegemite…and I have fallen in love with the first two.  Painting it on a curtain I found at a thrift store was important for me as it reflects the environmentalist mentality we all need to adapt in order to preserve these beautiful creatures. ” Sarah Rowan

Sarah Rowan has been creating unique works of art for two decades. Performing LIVE at over 400 live events, Sarah is well and truly establishing her mark in a rare niche of the entertainment industry. From Parliament House to the Opera House, she is leaving her mark as a speed painter for corporate events, weddings, festivals, fundraiser, schools, and more. Sarah seeks to not only entertain, but to inspire.  With her heart set on raising over one million for charities, Sarah has raised nearly 200K through her paintings thus far. Selected clients include ANZ, AMP, Hewlett Packard and Bombay Sapphire. Her works have auctioned for up to S50K for a single painting. 

Always pushing the limitations of time and space, Sarahs’ unique performances have included 10 paintings in 30 minutes alongside a classical musician, making it to the judges round of Australia’s Got Talent in 2016, and touring Europe painting scenes of NSW for tourism events. 

instagram/FB/LI: @artistsarahrowan



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