This is the time lapse video from  Australia’s top female speed painter based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
100 Artworks for a Koala entry:  Title: ‘ Speedy ‘
Size: W 122 cm x H 122 cm   (48×48 inches) | Medium: Acrylic on repurposed curtain
“ I created this vibrant happy koala in 30 min in order to fit my description as a speed painter and the title [ ‘Speedy’ ].  When I moved to Australia 15 years ago from the US, the only thing I knew about Australia was that it had koalas, kangaroos, and vegemite…and I have fallen in love with the first two.  Painting it on a curtain I found at a thrift store was important for me as it reflects the environmentalist mentality we all need to adapt in order to preserve these beautiful creatures. ” Sarah Rowan
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