Living with Koalas artist - Emily WoodsCovid. Bloody Covid! Our planned auction on Australia Day 2021 in Los Angles was a casualty of COVID 19. We are now working on alternative dates for a live event in US later this year. Fingers crossed. 

Online auctions and sales in Australia are also being explored, especially for the larger pieces as it will save considerably on transport costs and help fund some of the work in putting this project together. 


Despite not raising monies from the auction we are progressing with the scanning  / photographing of all artworks  for a planned book / catalogue. We have already experimented with producing A2 high quality canvas prints – landscape and portrait depending on original artwork format –  which we will shadow frame in a Eucalyptus timber.  These hi-res canvas prints will form the 100 artworks travelling show.

We will start the tour in NSW in the coming months and plan to visit all other States this year and next.  Venues which can’t take all 100 artworks will be offered to showcase a selection.

Products using images from some of the artworks are being developed. We have a range of  Australian-made coffee and tea, a beautiful prototype tea set (cups and teapot with wooden handles) and have samples of Australian grown cotton tea towels now printed with some images.  More products are being explored including a range of greeting cards and other print items. 

Additionally… …we will be launching ONE GUM TREE  50 WOODWORKERS –  50,000 KOALA FOOD TREES

We have secured a mature spotted gum tree which had to be removed from a primary school in Port Macquarie – it was  dangerous and was coming to the end of its long life. We are planning to convert the 16 tonnes of tree from the 35 metre 70 year old tree (now in 2 and 3 metre lengths drying in a timber yard in NSW )    into 10,000 products made by 50 woodworks from Mens’ Sheds groups and other artisans on the mid-north coast of NSW.  The resulting carbon storing, practical and well designed timber products created will be sold locally and profits will result in 50,000 new koala food trees being grown in the area.  If the ONE GUM TREE project is successful we hope to refine and replicate the concept into other States and regions.  More info soon.  There is also a timber jewellery range    from Eucalypts – being developed – called EUKWEAR. So we have used our down time in COVID productively we hope.


We now also have agreements and arrangements with a number of professional tree growers to take Eucalyptus seeds and tube stock of koala food trees and grow them into 2 metre+  young trees over 2 years – ready for planting where koalas need them most. We will also reactivate  our Primary Skools education prpgramme. 

Back to the USA – we are keen to raise awareness of the plight of koalas (and funds) in the USA and we will take selected artworks from the 100 ARTWORKS to accompany a new initiative – 

50 USA – 50 States, 50 artworks,  50 women one creative voice for conservation. 

We now have 48 sates confirmed (2to go).  See these links https://livingwithkoalas.com.au/50-usa/ and https://livingwithkoalas.com.au/50-usa-artist-gallery/

Each artist is producing an original painting (square format) of an endangered species of their State. No animal will be replicated.  It is 50/702 originaL edition. There are 702 fauna species listed Federally in the US as threatened, endangered or of ‘special concern’.

(NB there are 463 on the AustralianFederal equivalent list and the Koala  is still not listed as Endangered or Threatened – only Vulnerable – go figure!) 

The 50 USA is an ambassador selection for all species in the wild threatened with extinction in the USA. This exhibition to tour the US late 2022 beyond – all States – surely COVID will have been contained by then?!

We will be taking a selection of 100 ARTWORKS for a KOALA and Aussie-made products on the US tour. I am married to an American and I am looking forward to also connecting with our US family.

That is all for now. We will continue to update instagram /facebook and keep all artists informed as dates and any sales are confirmed and of any products where we would like to use the copyright of an original.

All artworks are currently being stored in a secure, windowless, air conditioned Safe ’n’ Sound unit in Port Macquarie.  NB for artists still to forward originals – there are a few outstanding so the Covid delay is positive in this respect – we hope you can deliver them soon for inclusion.  Please contact us asap.

Best wishes for now …  more in the coming weeks.


G Henshaw

Director, Living with Koalas


0434 028292 | insta @livingwithkoalas | www.lwk.net.au