Koalas at risk of being wiped out in Australia due to a hidden animal welfare crisis

CRUELTY and puppy farms are issues that grab headlines but experts say there’s an animal welfare crisis being ignored — and it may wipe out the koala.

An orphan koala joey held by a rescue carer.Source: news.com.au

AUSTRALIA is in the grip of a hidden animal welfare crisis that could see one of our most cherished and famous creatures wiped from existence.

While issues like cruelty and puppy farming rightly dominate headlines, causing outrage and legislative change, animal welfare groups say tree-clearing is a far more serious problem that’s being ignored.

A new report by RSPCA and WWF-Australia, released today, highlights the worsening impact of tree-clearing across the east coast of the country — and koalas are on the frontline.

“The enormous extent of suffering and death caused makes tree-clearing the single greatest animal welfare crisis,” the report found.

“Yet it is largely unmonitored and unstudied, and neglected in wildlife policy and law.”

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