Supplied: WWF Australia/Sue Gedda

Here is a very familiar story that has been repeated countless times throughout Australia generating much talk and sadly too little action to save the demise of the koala.

New development brings up serious koala concern

by Andrew Korner for the The Queensland Times

SHE came to enjoy the serenity of the tall gum trees, the wildlife and the friendly neighbourhood. Fast forward 15 years, and Bellbird Park resident Rachel Grant is seeing her home among the gum trees come crashing down.Clearing is well underway for a large residential development near Mrs Grant’s house on Moonyean St. In a relatively short period of time, what was once hectares of thick scrub has been reduced to mulch and bare soil….Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, Christian Rowan, said he was concerned that the approval process was not up to scratch. “We all know that the biggest threat to koalas is the loss of habitat,” Dr Rowan said. “Disease, cat and dog attacks and road trauma all come about due to koalas being displaced, and if this continues we will see a further decline in koala populations. “What is happening in Bellbird Park is worrying, if it is substantiated. I think there is a broader issue here of how the approval process takes place when there are koalas involved.”   read the full article