100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Jean BALLANDS.    Title: ‘ One thing about Mary ‘  – mixed media collage.


Artist based in NSW, Australia

[Some of Jean’s most popular works are multi-layered paper cut out collage pieces, mounted to canvas. These lush landscapes visualise the transformation of an urban forest. Any plant in the wrong landscape should be considered a weed which imbalances the ecosystem. Jean’s collage works speak to the process of erasing exotic non-native plants and the careful transition to native and pure.]

100+ Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘ One thing about Mary

Size: W 740mm x 580mm| Medium: mixed media collage on paper – acrylic paint with collograph and etching prints

” Through observation and recording, the condition of a blind Koala has been created through marks that have been erased and added too. This replicates the care of the Koala Hospital [Port Macquarie, NSW] when finding Mary of Emerald Down’s right eye had atrophied away from a physical trauma such as a fallen tree. Her left eye too has been somewhat erased due to glaucoma. The added noxious plants symbolise our need to eradicate the noxious weeds so the natives can survive well. By supporting, with our growing awareness of the koala’s plight, we assess Mary’s condition and her need for care: she is healthy and part the breeding program. As one who climbs the tall eucalyptus trees, to see her face is a symbol of care, health, hope and resilience. ”   Jean BALLANDS

Jean BALLANDS was born in Africa. Now she a professional practicing artist living on the North Coast of New South Wales, Port Macquarie [Australia]. Jean is a painter and printmaker. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Visual art and a Fine Arts Bachelor degree at Curtin University, Perth.

Jean works with acrylic paints whose material properties lend to similar environmental cycles, patterns, washes, and highlights found in nature.  Her creative process relies initially on observations translated through manipulation of paint, to give an overall sense the everyday walking through nature and discovery.

Living with Koalas 100 artworks