100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Sue BORG.    Title:’Nugget’  – Acrylics on stretched cotton canvas

Livngwith Koalas artists Sue Borg


Self taught artist based in Newbridge, Victoria (Australia) specialising in depicting native wildlife and flora in acrylics. 

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title ‘Nugget’ . Size: 50cm x 60cm | Medium: Acrylics on stretched cotton canvas


“Rest now little ‘Nugget’, you are safe, loved and cared for in human hands. There will come a day when you can return to your beloved bush, but for now you need to rest and recover. As a wildlife veterinary nurse, working in the bushfire zones, I have helped treat countless scared, injured and displaced native animals, just like ‘Nugget’. With our help, they begin to heal, and once again gain strength and confidence.  My painting of ‘Nugget’, is a representation of all of those animals in care, who are resting with human help, to one day return to their native bush lands.”  Sue Borg

After developing a chronic back injury in 2016, which put a hold on my employment as a veterinary nurse, I picked up a paintbrush in an attempt to keep my mind busy and as a form of therapy to get me through a tough time. At that moment,  I didn’t realise that paintbrush would change my life and my entire perspective on how I saw the world. Previously I had dabbled in a bit of photography, which had enabled me to capture a scene as it was. Now, with paintbrush in hand, I was able to create  a scene, manipulate it and add my own flair. I loved it, painting for me became a sense of freedom and imagination, in a world that I could create.

Working mainly with acrylic paints on canvas, I have now joined my love of animals, with my artistic side to create bright, bold and colourful images of Austalian native wildlife and flora. I particularly love painting our native birds, and galahs, cockatoos and kookaburras are an absolute favourite to create.  My veterinary and animal care work continues as a member of the Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team, assisting in the rescue and treatment of injured and displaced wildlife during and after emergencies, like our recent bushfire disaster. I also volunteer my time at native wildlife shelters. It works in partnership with my artwork, as my inspiration for my pieces comes from what I see and experience through helping our native animals.

I have had the pleasure recently, of being able to raise much needed funds for wildlife hospitals and care through the sales of some of my artwork, which has been very rewarding.

Working from my home studio, in Victoria,  surrounded natural bush lands and the sounds of our native birds, I will enjoy my art for hopefully many years to come and, in doing so , will take every opportunity to do what I can to help our native animals.  Sue BORG

instagram: @scapeart1

Living with Koalas 100 artworks