Living with Koalas photographer Steven Farrimond

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Steven Farrimond.    Title:  ‘ Long Road to Recovery ‘   – photography


Amateur wildlife photographer based in South Australia.

‘I feel at peace when immersed in nature, observing and capturing images of the beauty our planet has to offer.’

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘Long Road to Recovery

Size : A1 print |  Medium: photography – Canon 7d Mk11 + Sigma Art series 50-100mm lens

‘This image was captured during a visit to the Cudlee Creek region in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia on 9th February 2020. It depicts the severe loss of habitat throughout the Adelaide Hills region following devastating bush fires experienced in late December 2019. It highlights the level of devastation and reflects on the apparent length of time the bush might take to regenerate.

Thousands of native animals including Koalas and Kangaroos perished in the ferocious and unrelenting fires, many thousands more were left injured and without habitat, causing widespread displacement and in some cases starvation. The Australian summer was relentless, with major bushfires across Kangaroo Island in South Australia and many others throughout Victoria and New South Wales during early 2021. Australian wildlife suffered tremendously, in some regions, habitat will never recover. It will be a long road to recovery for many species and habitats.“ Steven Farrimond

Steve Farrimond is an amateur wildlife photographer, passionate about the conservation and protection of our planets endangered and vulnerable species. Inspired by my wife Deb who is a talented wildlife conservation artist, my original goal was to capture images that Deb could bring to life through her pastel, charcoal and scratchboard artworks. I feel at peace when immersed in nature, observing and capturing images of the beauty our planet has to offer.

Deb and I aim to evoke emotions, generate conversations, raise awareness and encourage others to consider how they can play a part in saving our planets wildlife. To that extent, we aim to travel and capture images across the globe, educating ourselves in relation to the issues facing various species and conservation groups in different regions.

In recent years, we have focused on Africa and Australia and aim to continue to visit different regions in these continents in the future. We also aim to commence visiting different continents during the next decade. As part of our conservation effort, a minimum of 50% for all sales of my photography is donated to foundations we support across the globe. If we can play a small role in raising awareness and encouraging others to consider how we conserve or save our planets wildlife, we will sleep well at night.

  • 2020: Capture Magazines Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2020 – Highly Commended for portfolio Leopards of Greater Kruger  
  • 2019: 49th National Exhibition of Photography at the Royal Adelaide Show –  3rd prize in the Small Monochrome/Colour Prints Any Subject Class  for “He’s Out There (Leopard)

instagram: @stevenfarrimond

Living with Koalas 100 artworks