living with koalas artist Poss Keech

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Poss Keech.    Title: ‘ After the Fires ‘

Living with Koalas artist Poss Keech


Artist based in New South Wales, Australia

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘ After the Fires 

Size: W 45cm x H 31cm      | Medium/technique : waterless print with watercolour overlay.

 “artist statement about this work to come “ Poss Keech

Poss Keech dreams in colours, For her, colour is everything; in food, in her garden, in clothing, in art. Growing up in the bush was a formative experience for Poss. From the family home in Turramurra [north of Sydney] she would run each afternoon through the bush to Bobbin Head and later, when the family moved to a cattle property near Tamworth, Poss became a true ‘country girl’.

Bush landscapes and the desert colours inform Poss’s work, but her love of animals and abstraction are also recurring themes. Eclectic is probably an apt descriptor for the variety of media, subjects and styles evident in her work. Despite her passion for colour, she often chooses the discipline of a restricted or neutral palette; but next minute she breaks out. Poss says she hasn’t yet settled on a single style – she sees her art very much still a work in progress.


Living with Koalas 100 artworks