100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Jess KERR.    Title: ‘ Who will hug the trees now…? ‘  – acrylic on canvas


Artist based in Perth, Western Australia

Jess can often be seen traipsing around Perth with her camera – but she is always drawn back to her easel and a world of paint brushes and canvas.

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘ Who will hug the trees now…? ‘  

Size: W 57 cm ( 22’)’ x  H 71 cm (28”)  | Medium: acrylic on stretched canvas

‘ I grew up in the UK but knew from a young age that I wanted to live in Australia – this far away, vast and beautiful land with its iconic wildlife of kangaroos and koalas. To think that the beautiful koalas who are so synonymous with Australia, could soon become extinct, is a heartbreaking prospect.  It’s an honour to be able to take part in this project helping to raise awareness for, and conserve, this beautiful species.  My portrait ‘Who will hug the trees now..?’  is based on a photo I took during a recent visit to Perth Zoo, and depicts a koala in the pose they are most known for, hugging a tree whilst being embraced by its eucalyptus leaves, which serve as both its home and only food source. ‘ Jess Kerr


Jess Kerr grew up in the beautiful county of Sussex, England.  Showing a keen interest in art from a young age, her childhood memories are littered with images of the pictures she drew as she experimented with new subjects and mediums.  Always an animal lover at heart, Jess learnt to draw wildlife from her Farthing Wood Friends magazines (a must for any child in the 90’s) and spent many afternoons sketching illustrations of the family pets. After studying art at high school, Jess followed her passion for travel and her artistic pursuits turned towards photography of the places she visited, which she would often turn into sketches and watercolours when she returned home.   Fulfilling a life long dream by relocating to Australia in her early twenties, Jess is now settled and raising her family in the suburbs of Perth, WA where she has returned her focus to pursuing both life and career as an artist. 

Grown-up Jess still enjoys exploring a variety of different mediums – and can often be found covered in pastel or ink, rolling out fondant or traipsing around Perth with her camera – but she is always drawn back to her easel and a world of paint brushes and canvas. She frequently pairs her favourite medium [acrylic paint] with a subject close to her heart – animal and pet portraiture. Working in realism, Jess uses a painterly style to capture the emotion and personality of her subjects, and the relationship between subject(s) and viewer.


Living with Koalas 100 artworks