Living with Koalas artist - Glenda McLACHLAN

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Glenda McLACHLAN.    Title: ‘ Kooly and Wong’  – oil on canvas.

Living with Koalas artist - Glenda McLACHLAN


Artist based in New South Wales, Australia

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘ Kooly and Wong   

Size: w 60cm x 30cm | Medium: oil on canvas and oil pastels

Koolywong is an aboriginal word which means Koala. The cuddly koala is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most beloved animals. I wanted to be part of this project because our unique native animals have been at risk of extinction due to loss of their homes, through disease, land clearing and bush fires just to name a few. Last year was such an emotionally traumatic season as bush fires swept through our nation taking these animals’ lives or leaving them maimed and it brought Australia to its knees. Together we all experienced a unity in helping those who were affected and in the rescue of Koalas and other native species and wanting to see that our animals are protected in the future and their habitats are safe environments for them for future generations.” Glenda McLACHLAN

Glenda Mclachlan’s love of the native animals and natural bird life of Australia and the landscape of which she appreciates, the vibrant colors and unique characteristics of this great land are what inspires her paintings. 

Glenda is mostly self- taught but drew her inspiration from her well known Australian landscape mouth painting Artist friend who encouraged her to pursue her lifetime enjoyment of painting and to fulfil her desire to be a full time artist.Glenda grew up in the Victorian bush and enjoyed seeing the odd Koala cross the path whilst riding her horse. She has nursed many native animals in her childhood from parrots and magpies falling from trees to injured koalas and baby emus. They are our heritage and we need to be vigilant in seeing they are preserved. She developed a love of sketching and painting at a young age, winning several competitions. She was guided by her mother and aunty who were accomplished artists.

Living with Koalas 100 artworks