100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Sharon Moroney.   Title: “The Vanishing“  – charcoal and watercolour on watercolour board.

Living with Koalas artist Sharon Moroney


Artist specialising in portraits of people and animals based in Silverdale NSW (Australia)

100 Artworks for a Koala entry:  Title: “The Vanishing” | Size: W 38cm x H49cm    unframed |  Medium: charcoal and watercolour on watercolour board.

“I created this piece in response to the growing threat to our wildlife and the environment. This represents the disappearance of both our iconic koala population and its habitat. I live quite close to NSW’s only disease free koala population that is being threatened by unsuitable development. I have campaigned locally to help raise awareness of  the problem facing our koalas and the recent bushfires have exacerbated the problem to the extent that they may not survive. I hope my contribution can help in some small way.” Sharon Moroney

I have been drawing and painting since early childhood. I worked as an animator for Hanna Barbera, Burbank Studios and Disney in my early career.

I find portraits of both people and animals the most challenging and rewarding subjects. I try to capture the essence of my subject and convey a glimpse of their personality or mood. It is the nuance of expression or emotion that I search to find, capture and communicate…

I work with any media that I feel adds to the subject and have been combining graphite,  charcoal, watercolour and pastel in my current work, exploring the traditional media used slightly untraditionally, again, to add elements of the unexpected to familiar images…

I am currently working on a series of paintings of endangered animals which allows me to combine art with something else close to my heart, conservation. It is challenging, and also satisfying to be able to get the subject to tell their story through painting or drawing, and to engage the viewer…

Through my work on endangered species I was invited to become a signature member of the ‘Artists For Conservation‘ in Vancouver Canada. This enabled me to connect to a wider audience to help spread the word on conservation through art.  

Sharon Moroney’s work has been featured in numerous prestigious publications including the most recent:

Art Journey-Portraits and Figures  by American publishers, Northlight Books (2015). A hardcover book with a  collection of portrait works and profiles from 109 artists chosen from across the world.  

The Art of Watercolour – a French magazine (2019)

Australian Artist Magazine  (2019)

Splash 21 – by Northlight books (Sharon’s koala work will appear later in 2020)


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Living with Koalas 100 artworks