100 artwroks for a koala artists Nicole REED

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Nicole Reed.    Title: “The Long Night“  – oil on canvas.

Nicole REED

Nicole REED 

A realist painter capturing the ephemeral beauty of florals, based in Queensland, Australia.

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘The Long Night. | Size: W 40cm x H 30cm (12”  x 16”) |   Medium: Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. Alla prima technique.

“The Koala’s grip signifies the species gripping on for survival. The bow of the head depicts its vulnerability. The freshly cut branch signifies the extensive loss of habitat and lives throughout history from fur trade, urban sprawl and the catastrophic 2020 bushfires. Realism was chosen as it emphasises the seriousness of the matter and the fast painting technique of alla prima (wet on wet) was chosen as it reflects the urgency in which action needs to be taken for their survival. The Blue gum blossoms were included as a symbol of hope, hope that people will take notice and immediate action towards their survival. “ Nicole Reed

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, and later migrated to Australia where she has called home for the past 27 years.  As a graphic designer, Nicole has a strong affinity with colour composition and design. Adopting techniques from the Renaissance and Dutch Masters, Nicole creates incredible depth and detail with layering many translucent glazes in oils. With influence from the Gregorian floral arrangements, Nicole often paints one kind of flower, however, her contemporary compositions have little structure, instead relying on balance, depth of field and focal points. She has painted in a variety of mediums and subject matter, however, Nicole says “Painting realism is the only visual language that makes sense to me, I struggle to communicate any other way”. Nicole’s paintings bring a sense of calmness, mindfulness and beauty. With works in private collections in Australia and abroad, Nicole enjoys creating more beauty to the world.

artist exhibitions 

2018 Student Exhibition, Brisbane Institute of Art, Windsor Brisbane

2014 Near & Far Graduate Exhibition, The Block QUT, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

3D Media, H Block Exhibition, QUT, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

2D Media, H Block Exhibition, QUT, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

2012 Moreton Bay Art Awards (Finalist), Pine Rivers Art Gallery, Strathpine

artist publications 

Subtle Body Colour Bracelet

Kerr, J & Seevink, J (2014) ‘Synthesizing Form And Data: Developing Practices For Student Engagement And Learning’ Parsons Journal for Information Mapping New York. Volume V1, (Issue 3 Summer). Page 8-9.


2012 – 2015: Queensland University of Technology – Bachelor of Fine Art with Distinction (Interactive & Visual Design), minors in Visual Arts Practice & Interior Design

1997 – 2000: University of the Sunshine Coast – Bachelor of Business (Marketing), with studies in Computer Based Art & Design

instagram: @nicolereedcollection


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