Living with Koalas artist Vynka (Winka von Fahland)

100 Artworks for a Koala entry by Vynka.    Title: ‘ I breathe and love like you  – Gouache, watercolour pencils, pencil, and pastels

Living wiht Koalas artist - Vynka

Vynka (Winka von Fahland)

Artist based in Queensland, Australia

Mother Earth and all creation are the only inspiration I need. 

100 Artworks for a Koala entry: Title: ‘ I breathe and love like you 

Size: W 44cm x H 56cm  | Medium: Gouache, watercolour pencils, pencil, and pastels on mount board.

” The haunting images of the fires of 2019 in Australia have etched their mark into my heart. Without even watching or listening to the news I could feel the pain and hear the cries of all the fire consumed…  the devastation still breaks my heart and even more so when I see that, even in the aftermath of this destruction, man still goes and clears more trees. Where is all our precious unique wildlife to live? That is the question that cries for an answer. The koala is a tourist icon, but little is truly done to help their survival. They were killed for their fur not all that long ago, their homes are now highways and concrete jungles and then came the fire. This was no ordinary fire, it raged all across this vast continent and so many animals lost their lives When you look into the eyes of another you understand that they are also divine, they are part of creation and they breathe and love like you.”  Winka von Fahland (Vynka) 

Vynka (Winka von Fahland)

“Art has always been both a passion and a refuge for me. Growing up in Sarina [Queensland, Australia] I was always asked to draw for my friends and also illustrating in my father’s pottery. When someone was looking for an artist, I put up my hand. Some of the things I have done are creative logos for several wildlife groups, murals and wall-art is something that I gravitated towards time and again.  As time went on, I completed several courses at TAFE ranging from Art and Design, hand building ceramics and raku.
Something that continues to amaze me is the challenge of various mediums, I love to work with all of them and sometimes more than one in a work. After sailing around 3⁄4 of the world on a forty-two-foot yacht I found myself drawn to the arts in a profound way. I always wanted to be career artist and teaching this subject to others come from my heart. So, I became a student online in 2014 and finished my Bachelor at the end of 2019.  I am inspired everyday by images, events and just life. Mother Earth and all creation are the only inspiration I need. “

2017 Sculptures On The Edge, Maleny
2016 Wondai Art Gallery, solo
2015-2016  Moncrief Theatre Bundaberg, solo and group exhibition
2014  Childers Art Gallery, group exhibition
2011  Gibraltar Heritage Trust Art Competition Exhibition

First Prize in Childers Show / Art 2016 open
First Prize in Childers Show / Art 2015 open 

Living with Koalas 100 artworks